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  Custom Itineraries  

What is a custom itinerary?

Many clients enjoy fantastic guided tours, cruises, or all-inclusive vacations.   These are not custom itineraries.  Custom itineraries are independent vacations and often include multiple destinations.  Examples include: a self-driving vacation of the Irish coast, a Rome/Florence/Venice by rail vacation, or even a single-city vacation like Paris or London with scheduled tours and day trips to nearby destinations.  While Europe is the most requested destination, custom itineraries can be designed for any destination.  Other popular destinations are Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Australia. 

What is included in a customized itinerary?

Airfare:  Travel Adventures by Amanda only books regular economy or business class airfare on major carriers.  I look for the best possible flights with the shortest travel time and the appropriate connection times (not too short and not too long).

Lodging: Travel Adventures by Amanda books anything from basic hotel accommodations to luxury villas.  I book accommodations directly with a hotel or through a trusted provider.  At a minimum, accommodations should be safe and clean.  Beyond that, I work with clients to take into consideration their wants and needs and work within their budget to find appropriate lodging.         

Transfers: This is often the most overlooked part of a vacation and clients often forget to budget for it.  Transfers are your method of travel between destinations as well as your transportation from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to either the airport or the train station.  Travel Adventures by Amanda books mostly private transfers between hotels, airports, and train stations.​

Tours and Activities:  Travel Adventures by Amanda selects optional tours based on your unique requirements.  Your itinerary will include as much or as little free time as you choose.  I select small group tours with vetted local operators.  If available, you can opt to upgrade to a private tour. 

Travel Insurance:  While not mandatory, I highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance, especially for international trips.  Insurance covers many facets of you trip, including trip cancellation, trip delay, and baggage loss.  Most importantly, trip insurance covers you should you become ill or injured during your travels.  You will receive a quote for trip insurance and information regarding coverage.    

Support:  One of the benefits of booking with Travel Adventures by Amanda is that I am always here to support you via email, phone, or text.  I strive to book with providers who offer telephone assistance during extended hours so they can be reached while you are traveling in the event there is an issue that needs to be resolved immediately. 

How do you get started?

Contact Travel Adventures by Amanda to set up a free consultation to discuss your trip. If you are serious about taking your trip and feel ready to move forward, Travel Adventures by Amanda requires a $250 non-refundable deposit.  For Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations, your deposit will be credited toward your trip if you book within 45 days.  If you fail to book within 45 days or decide to book elsewhere, your deposit is retained and cannot be transferred to another booking.  Building a custom itinerary is time consuming.  The deposit ensures that the hours of work put into crafting your perfect itinerary is compensated.  For domestic itineraries, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, the deposit is considered a planning fee and will not be credited toward your vacation.  Note: Pre and post-cruise/tour hotels, transfers, and excursions are not considered custom itineraries.  I book hotels, transfers, and excursions free of charge for clients who have booked a cruise or guided tour through Travel Adventures by Amanda.      

Depending on the complexity of your trip, I may use one or more providers to book your trip.  Many providers do not itemize pricing as their pricing is discounted as a part of a package.  I may be putting together different components of your trip using various providers in order to get you the best value.  Therefore, I am not able to provide itemized pricing.  You will receive an overall cost of your trip explaining all of the inclusions and a separate quote for optional travel insurance.  We will then work together to adjust your itinerary until we have created your dream vacation.  Major modifications may incur an additional fee.

Rest assured that your itinerary will be put together with attention and care.  I give consideration to travel time between attractions and destinations and if need be, find luggage storage options so you can enjoy a full day in your destination either before you check in to your hotel or after you check out. I select only vetted hotels and tour operators.  I comparison shop on your behalf and select the best value based on your needs and budget.  

I will present your final itinerary using a professional itinerary builder.  Once you are satisfied with your itinerary, I will book your airfare, transfers, lodging, and tours on your behalf.   You will not need to worry about printing multiple documents or searching your inbox for your all your travel documents.  You will have access to your itinerary and all relevant documents via a travel planner app.  Need to know where to meet your transfer when you arrive at your destination?  Went out on a walk and forgot the address of your hotel (it happens more often than you think)?  Want to check what time your next tour is scheduled and where to meet your guide?  The answer to all these questions will be located in one convenient, easy to navigate app which also has a chat function where you can reach me during your travels.  

I am committed to ensuring your trip is perfectly planned and hassle free.  It can take hours of internet research to plan a trip.  Information on the internet can be confusing and overwhelming, leading to frustration.  Let me handle all the details. 

I look forward to helping you plan your next Dream Vacation! 


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